Spring cleaning doesn’t just have to be about cleaning your house from the long winter that we have had. Brands and companies can also use spring-cleaning when it comes to preparing for the warm weather seasons. Spring calls for refreshing social media engagement ideas for optimal brand experiences.

Take advantage of how much your consumers value reviews and recommendations from those around them and get them engaging and sharing about your brand.

Here are 5 ways that you can enhance engagement and consumer sharing this spring:

1. Send brand experience kits

Who doesn’t like getting free stuff? One way to ensure that your brand will receive reviews and purchase consideration is to send an experience to consumers that they are likely to share about. According to Vesta’s Social Recommendations Index, 79% of people will want to write a review of a product if they received a free sample to try. It’s a win-win situation – you will be able to drive awareness about your product as well as gain authentic reviews, and the consumer will get to try out new stuff for the spring and summer to drive their path to purchase in the future.

2. Drive purchase for spring holidays

More than eight in ten consumers say they completely or somewhat trust the recommendations of their family and friends. Spring revolves around family time with holidays like Easter, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. What better way to bring the family together than to get them talking about products at their holiday gatherings. Drive consumers in-store with coupons or promotions to increase the purchase of gifts, food for the family, and entertainment this season.

3. Gear up for new product launches

Sixty-percent of consumers will be more likely to write a review of a product when they receive special access to offers and discounts. Give your consumers special treatment by giving them a sneak preview of something that has yet to launch. Consumers will feel unique because they will have access to something that is not on the market yet, and you will be able to generate great content and reviews prior to a product launch.

4. Contests and sweepstakes

Contests and sweepstakes motivate consumers to share about brands that they are already loyal to as well as unfamiliar brands. Brands can prompt consumers to share pictures on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with a hashtag that promotes a common incentive for consumers. One way brands are driving consumers to a sweepstake or contest is by asking them to write reviews on a retailer website and in return enter them to win a gift card to a specific retailer. For example, Mrs. Meyer’s ran a contest in which consumers were encouraged to get messy, upload their photos, and then use the soap to clean-up. They could then enter a contest online to win high-value prizes!

5. New engagement ideas

Being active outside during the spring and summer months is a great way to get rid of your winter blues. Engage consumers with activities they can do while enjoying the weather. Influencers believe that personal stories are a great way to receive and share meaningful recommendations. One example of how brands can do this is a food brands sharing spring-inspired recipes for things like popsicles, ice cream, cold drinks, and more! For example, Alpina yogurt encouraged consumers to make pies using their Yogurt and to share about it using #AlpinaGreek. Other brands can also get consumers to show off their creativity by using products to make Easter decorations or cards and presents for their Mother and Father.

These five ways to enhance consumer’s engagement with your brand will help you spring into spring and keep consumers sharing through the summer.

Interested in more?

Check out this infographic to understand how online communities can generate consumer engagement for your brand.

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