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Welcome listeners of ANA's Champions of Growth podcast. Do you struggle with losing access to your consumers to third-party gatekeepers? How about driving reviews and supporting retail sell-through? Is loyalty slipping away and you're scrambling to keep ahead of the trends? Don't worry, Vesta is here to help.

In just 100 days, you’ll see a Vesta Community’s impact.

+ 22 %

Increase in Positive Brand Opinion

73 %

Purchase Conversion

+ 48 %

Lift in Net Promoter Score

+ 6,200 %

Reviews & Pieces of User-generated Content

Vesta-Powered Communities Drive Growth for Enterprise and Emerging Brands

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Sir Kensington's Vesta powered Community and Assoc Brand Manager Amanda

Here’s What She Says…

“We have had our Taste Buds community for the past 2 ½ years. We turn to them for anything and everything that you can think of. And we’ve found it so valuable. We constantly get messages from our Taste Buds about how much they love Sir Kensington’s. About how much they love being a part of the community. And so it really has been an important part of our growth strategy in activating and building this group of super fans.

Amanda Triglia, Sir Kensington's

Amanda Triglia
Associate Brand Manager

Nothing’s easy these days, but as marketers, we know your challenges are more super-sized than most.

What obstacles are in your way? Click below to see how we can help.

Other platforms own access to my consumers

Reviews make or break my business

Shopping patterns aren’t patterns anymore

My consumers are trying new brands

Data is drying up and insights are too slow

owned channel

Losing Control From Third-Party Channels?

Social media companies have forced brands to give up control of their fan relationships.  When Sir Kensington’s wanted an owned relationship, the Vesta platform enabled them to streamline processes, increase advocacy, and elevate and measure results.

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drive sales

Ratings & Reviews Reign Supreme

Consumers trust their digital neighbors, not brands. Vesta delivers authentic and amplified ratings and reviews that power e-commerce and retail success. When Hero Cosmetics needed to make their sampling & reviews investment work harder, they turned to Vesta.

View Hero Cosmetics Case Study

Hero Cosmetics Reviews


Tackle Unpredictable Shopping Behavior

Since the start of the pandemic, over 75% of U.S. consumers have changed shopping behaviors and switched to new brands. You need your own guerilla shopper marketing team (think consumer advocates!) to activate in a fast-changing environment. See how the Veggies Made Great Community harvested big results with Vesta’s help.

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Loyalty is at a Low

Consumers have never been less loyal. For you, that means loyalty is up for grabs. Now is your opportunity to secure wallet share and maintain brand equity. Grubhub created the Tastemakers online brand community to ensure long-term loyalty and engagement from current and new consumers.

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Product Launches & Pivots are Risky

Make sure you know what you’re facing. Power product innovation, smarter segmentation, and product launch success. Online Communities maximize revenue and deliver valuable zero-party data so you can make better business decisions. 

View Culturelle Clubhouse Case Study

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100% Platform. 0% Pressure.

We get it. We don’t like pushy salespeople either. So just click below to explore Vesta’s all-in-one online community platform on your own time.

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