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The Challenger Brand Summit confirmed that there has never been a better moment for brands to challenge the status quo. We’ve gathered a roundup of resources inspired by brand leaders who shared at the event.

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Theme 1: Communities Are Critical
Theme 2: Crypto & NFTs Are Creating New Value
Theme 3: Define Your Brand Purpose
Theme 4: Web 3.0 is Here


Theme One: Communities Are Critical

“Yeti marketing is a thousand micro-relationships. It’s the thousand little relationships we have with our community.”

– Paulie Dery, VP Marketing, Yeti

All You Need to Know About Community Marketing [Guide]

For brands looking to increase brand awareness and reach, nurture existing customer relationships, and organically spark brand advocacy, there’s one channel that stands above the rest: Community marketing.

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Why Community Is Your Best Growth Strategy for 2022

All companies have a community around them — whether you choose to engage with it or not. Here, how you can use your most loyal customers as a driver for fast growth.

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5 Brands That Are Winning With an Online Community

You may be asking why you need community if you’ve already got an audience on other platforms. See why community is a must-have helping these brands maintain loyalty, achieve efficient consumer acquisition, and generate insights.

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Theme Two: Crypto & NFTs Are Creating New Value

“As Crypto becomes more and more popular, more and more people will understand what (the value) is all about.”

– Martha Stewart, Founder, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

How NFTs Are Creating Social Value

This new movement creates a stronger bond between the community and the project and shifts the company-consumer relationship to more of a partnership.

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How Crypto-Driven Digital Marketing Will Transform the Industry

Currently, digital marketing uses a shotgun approach to reach large audiences. Crypto-driven marketing strategies represent tremendous opportunities and challenges for advertisers.

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Yes, Your Brand Needs to Get Into NFTs

One thing to know about working toward a more tangible, digital future: NFTs are important to everyone. The opportunities to get started are endless and easier than you think.

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Theme Three: Define Your Brand Purpose

“When you’re creating your social impact strategy, don’t be scared to get really specific with the things you care about.”

– Amy Smith, Chief Strategy & Impact Officer, Land O’Lakes

How Unilever’s Seventh Generation Brand is Growing Consumer Connections Through Community

As a socially responsible brand, they understood the need for a community in order to educate and rally like-minded consumers around the brand’s mission.

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How Sir Kensington’s Amplifies its Brand Mission with a Cultivated Brand-Owned Channel

Sir Kensington’s is on a mission to defend the dignity of food and created a vibrant community, Taste Buds, as a place for health-conscious food enthusiasts who crave clean label products but never want to sacrifice on flavor.

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People are more likely to trust—and buy—purpose-driven brands [Study]

In a recent study from Porter Novelli, they found 78% were more likely to remember a company with a strong purpose. “So while we have to think through function rationally, purpose is just kind of deeply embedded into our psyche and the decisions that we’re making.”

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Web 3.0 is Here…

“Whether it’s VR or AI, the Metaverse, we’re all over it in the context of studying and working on the insights that we need to take action with our brands.”

– Richard Dickson, President, Mattel

How Marketing For Web 3.0 Will Evolve In 2022

The dawn of Web 3.0 has already begun to encapsulate these core concepts with the growing prominence of NFTs, cryptocurrency, the metaverse and other decentralized technology—and marketers need to know how to talk about these topics effectively.

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How Will Web3 Improve the Customer Experience?

This new iteration of the internet will put control over data and content back in the hands of users and creators. It will enhance privacy, increase digital trust and loyalty and provide a more immersive experience. But how does that translate to business and the customer experience?

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Web 3.0: How To Accelerate Your Brand’s Growth In A New Reality

What if every single company could build an open infrastructure for a more creative, collaborative and user-centric space? That’s the promise of Web 3.0 technologies, which could change everything in consumer-brand interaction.

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