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Clio Snacks Graduated from Facebook to an Online Brand Community for Enhanced (and Easier) Ambassador Engagement

This fast-growing chocolate-covered yogurt brand is on a mission to help people snack clean without compromise. In an effort to upgrade their consumer engagement away from third-party channels, Clio Snacks migrated from a Facebook-owned community to a brand-owned community. They chose Vesta to start the Clio Cravings Club Community to deliver delicious benefits for consumer ambassadors hungry to engage with the brand.

In the first 100 days of launching the Clio Cravings Club Community, the brand achieved…

+ 18 %

Increase in Net Promoter Score

+ 8 %

Increase in Purchase Frequency

+ 23 %

Increase in Household Penetration

+ 25 %

Increase in Brand Loyalty

+ 10 %

Increase in Emotional Connection to Brand

Here is what they say…

“So why did we choose Vesta? For us it was ease. It was access to our consumer. It was ownership of the data. And it was the ability to do what we needed which was to drive loyalty beyond purchase.  And to drive insights beyond purchase. Because we typically have limited resources budget-wise. And so that’s where this platform fit every need that we were trying to piece together previously. And that kind of took it to the next level with this partnership.”

Rachel Moore
Chief Marketing Officer, Clio Snacks

We’re constantly engaging with our community…this is not only getting insights but driving loyalty. They feel like they are a part of the development process and for us…We see such value with an ambassador program because we can get so much strong insight from a very valuable consumer base while also again driving long term loyalty.”

Rachel Moore
Chief Marketing Officer, Clio Snacks

A Fully-Owned Brand Channel for Direct Ambassador Relationships

No more social media gatekeepers or limited engagement. Clio Snacks is building genuine brand loyalty through an online brand community that is owned and cultivated by the brand. The Clio Cravings Club Community is a long-term, always-on channel to foster trust, emotional connectivity, and consumer-centric authenticity.

Spread Awareness to Curious Consumers through Authentic User-Generated Content

As a fast-growing challenger brand, Clio Snacks leverages its online brand community to scale impactful UGC, reviews, photos and more across key online channels. Whether it’s educating prospective buyers about Clio Snacks or launching a new product, an online brand community is an army of mobilized advocates to activate and drive conversion.

Predictive Insights to Drive Brand Innovation 

With a full range of survey capabilities, Clio Snacks has an ongoing feedback loop to foster co-creation among consumers. An online brand community empowers the brand to foster passionate participation and serves as an engine for zero-party data ownership. 

Podcast Interview

Hear the Chief Marketing Officer of Clio Snacks share why their online brand community is the missing ingredient to a complete digital strategy. 

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