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Doing More With Less: EZC Pak™ Drives Product Trial & Brand Advocacy with the EZC Immunity Community

Growing natural immune support brand, EZC Pak, is challenged with generating product trial that showcases consumer experiences at scale. Partnering with Vesta's all-in-one community platform, the "EZC Immunity Community" is the perfect solution for this small team to achieve big results.

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5,000 +

Pieces of User-Generated Content

2 MM

Consumer-Generated Impressions

70 %

Positive Brand Opinion

56 %

Likely to Recommend EZC Pak to Friends

Here is what they say…

“Great Software. Great Service. Great Team.

Our online community has grown to 5,000+ members in just a few months. We are a small team of 3 so setting up and managing an online community for our brand seemed impossible. Vesta made it easy. They took the time to understand our brand & what we were looking for on the front end. Now it feels like they are an extension of our team.”

An Online Destination to Mobilize Evangelists

The EZC Immunity Community cultivates the voices of the brand’s strongest supporters to drive new customer acquisition. With targeted sampling, advocates can support EZC Pak trial and awareness through influential content, generating social proof through authentic user-generated content and retail ratings & reviews.

Strengthen Brand Loyalty and Engagement

With Vesta’s turnkey community platform, the EZC Immunity Community enhances brand love and emotional loyalty through personalized activations and content. Vesta builds community connections that help brands maintain positive brand opinion and equity among existing consumers, strengthening customer lifetime value.

Predictive Insights to Optimize Marketing Strategies and Create Brand Resilience

Important for any resource-strapped team, Vesta’s on-demand insights empower the brand to uncover key audience segments that aid in mass-market implementation, making their marketing investments work harder.

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