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How Sir Kensington's Taste Buds Community Reclaimed Direct Consumer Relationships

Sir Kensington's is on a mission to defend the dignity of food and created a vibrant community, Taste Buds, as a place for health-conscious food enthusiasts who crave clean label products but never want to sacrifice on flavor.

Keep scrolling to see how Sir Kensington’s cooked up these results.

34,000 +

Community Members

+ 132 %

Increase in Net Promoter Score

91 %

Positive Brand Opinion

35,000 +

Pieces of UGC Created

51,000 +

Survey Responses

What Our Client Says

“We have had our Taste Buds community for the past 2 ½ years. We turn to them for anything and everything that you can think of. And we’ve found it so valuable. We constantly get messages from our Taste Buds about how much they love Sir Kensington’s. About how much they love being a part of the community. And so it really has been an important part of our growth strategy in activating and building this group of super fans.

Amanda Triglia, Sir Kensington's

Amanda Triglia
Associate Brand Manager, Sir Kensington's

“Platforms like Instagram and email are one-way communication channels better served for broadcasting Sir Kensington’s news and updates. With Vesta, we are building a community of fans that are invited to co-create with us, which deepens our relationship with each member in a unique way and ultimately converts fans into advocates!”

Alex Colkitt, Content and Community Strategist, Sir Kensington's

Alex Colkitt
Content & Community Strategist, Sir Kensington's


Why Rent When You Can Own?

Sir Kensington’s is building genuine brand loyalty through a channel that is owned and cultivated by the brand. With no social media gatekeepers, the brand has a long-term, always-on channel to foster trust, emotional connectivity, and consumer-centric authenticity.


Direct Access to Consumers for Co-Creation

With an owned community channel, co-creation with fans builds a feedback loop that ensures Sir Kensington’s is offering eaters what they love most about the brand, as well as fostering passionate participation and a true two-way relationship. 


The Always-On Resource to Build a Better Brand

Sir Kensington’s taps into zero-party data insights to better understand what resonates most with loyalists and fans, informing brand communications and future innovations.

Podcast Interview

Listen to the Happy Marketer Connection podcast interview with Alex Colkitt, discussing “Engagement” and Sir Kensington’s Taste Buds community.

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