Vesta Peer Influencers | Food & Beverage Case Study

How LALA® Drives Product Trial Through Word of Mouth Marketing

LALA®, a producer of high-quality yogurt and Mexican-style sour cream and milk, is on a mission to create new and great-tasting ways to feed the body and soul. But the brand needed to boost themselves in the market.

The Objective

LALA® needed to increase trial and awareness while driving purchase consideration and conversion for LALA® foods. They aimed to elevate awareness, trial, and repeat purchases in US stores, with a specific focus on increased foot traffic and in-store purchases at key retail partners including Walmart, Kroger, Publix, and Meijer.

The Solution

Mobilized 750 Peer Influencers From the Smiley360 Community 

Using our robust segmentation capabilities, we identified participants within LALA®’s key consumer target—men and women, ages 25-35, living an “on-the-go” lifestyle and who shop at key retailers.

Delivered a Customized Brand Experience

Activated consumers were invited to join the “LALA® Yogurt Smoothies Mission” and given a complimentary LALA® drinkable yogurt product through a VIP coupon redeemed at targeted retailers.

Sparked Thousands of Pieces of User-Generated Content 

After experiencing the product, participants were encouraged to share their experiences with friends and followers across online channels.

Curated Content to Enhance Brand Assets

Through Vesta’s Single-Click Sharing™ technology, LALA® collected and curated thousands of posts, pictures, and reviews to repurpose of the brand’s website.

The Results


Pieces of UGC created

2.9 MM

Total Mission impressions

+ 23 %

Increase in share-of-voice


Retail reviews

+ 53 %

Increase in likelihood to purchase