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How Osmocote® Drove Product Trial with Peer Influencers

For 50 years Osmocote®, an all-in-one nutrient-dense solution for plants, has been the brand that professional gardeners trust for plant nutrition. But the brand was looking to bloom more in the market.


The Objective

Osmocote® was confronted with the challenge of only reaching 39% of their target market. The plant-food solution needed a way to reach product-specific targets to increase loyalty, awareness, drive trial, and brand advocacy.​

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Pieces of UGC created

2.3 MM

Mission Impressions

+ 75 %

Increase in share-of-voice


Retail reviews


Engagements from friends and followers

The Solution

Activated 750 Passionate Gardeners from the Smiley360 Peer Influencer Community 

Using our robust segmentation capabilities, we identified participants within Osmocote®’s key consumer target—mid-aged active gardeners who invest their time and money considerably in gardening.

Delivered a Brand Experience During the Spring and Fall Season 

Activated consumers were invited to join the “Osmocote® Difference Mission” and received a free Osmocote® product. Split into two 8-week phases, the campaign showcased both the planting season as well as the finished garden.

Sparked Reviews and Authentic Word-of-Mouth 

After experiencing Osmocote® during the Spring planting season and then seeing the finished results in the Fall, participants were prompted to share their experience with friends and followers across online channels.

Drove Conversion Among Friends and Followers

Through Vesta’s Single-Click Sharing™ technology, participants shared their content with an embedded digital coupon link for friends and followers.