Community Powered Marketing is a powerful tool for unlocking your audience’s sales, advocacy, and insights potential. But this requires active, knowledgeable, and engaged management and moderation of your online brand community

We know because we’re also community managers. Vesta manages our own thriving community of 1.2 million passionate and dedicated consumers and peer influencers, and we built the tool we needed. Our software powers the most sophisticated system available to make it easy for you to manage your community. Moderation is turnkey with intuitive tools to review, approve, and engage with member posts and communications. 

But as your fellow marketers and community managers, we know that there is never enough time in the day. 

Don’t worry—we’ve got you.

Vesta’s Approach to Managing and Moderating Communities

It can be tough to figure out what level of support you need for your brand-new asset. 

That’s why it might be helpful to understand Vesta’s proprietary approach to managing and moderating a community. 

Vesta uses the U-N-I-T-Y model:

  • U – Uninterrupted Engagement – Every thriving community offers regular engagement opportunities for community members. Vesta establishes a robust and strategic calendar to ensure new offerings and activities to engage your members while supporting your brand’s objectives.
  • N – Nimble GrowthFor management, Vesta’s philosophy is that community building is like gardening, not carpentry. We stay agile, evolving the activities and adding new features to the community as it evolves. We also look for opportunities to bring timely elements into the community to keep your members engaged. 
  • I – Impactful Motivators – We believe that incentivizing your community members in the right ways is crucial to community success. No two members are the same, meaning that different engagement activities can serve as impactful motivators to different personas. Activities such as ongoing discussions, surveys, focus groups, promotional offers, and exclusive content are great examples.
  • T – Trusted Environment Vesta’s team regularly reviews content with a human set of eyes, not AI—to ensure we maintain a safe and trusted space for your members and answer questions that arise. The best practice is 2-3x per week minimum, but our team is monitoring 24-48 hours with more active communities. We flag, tag, and sort user-generated content in your community to highlight the positive, high-quality content and identify important consumer conversations and trends, and we remedy the negative content. 
  • Y – Yields Value No community can find success without making its members feel valued. After all, that’s why they’re here. Vesta creates highly personalized experiences for your members to ensure that everyone feels valued and heard by the brand. 

When done right, the efforts to manage and cultivate your online brand community can elevate all of your marketing efforts and ultimately save you time.

How Vesta Sets You Up For Success With Your Online Brand Community

There is so much included when you work with Vesta to set you up for success. We know that you’re eager to get started, and the combination of our robust platform and our experienced client success team is up for the challenge. 

Community Platform

Vesta’s all-in-one software provides easy to use features that make community management a breeze, including: 

  • 30+ types of campaigns and activities for robust engagement
  • Single-click social sharing for authentic UGC and word-of-mouth promotion opportunities
  • Progressive member profiles based on zero-party data and first-party data
  • Sophisticated survey and segmentation tools for next-level personalization
  • E-commerce & DTC integrations
  • Integrations with top Martech brands

Data and Analytics

With Vesta, you can generate (and own) zero-party data and first-party data to drive personalization, media optimization, and insights. You’ll gain ownership of registration and profile data, including demographics, connected social data, and targeted survey data, such as purchase behavior and brand lift.

Expert Resources

Vesta won’t leave you hanging. Our client success team is there every step of the way through community set-up and platform training, and can even provide ongoing community management if you need it. We offer ongoing strategic support, including a monthly recap, analytics, recommendation emails, and biannual strategy meetings where we benchmark your community’s KPIs with our Community Powered Index to gauge performance and plan for community optimization.

From there, Vesta can give you the keys to run your own community, although our expert team will always have your back. 

For teams requiring additional support, Vesta’s Managed Service offering can handle every aspect of the management and moderation of your community.

Vesta Makes Managing and Moderating Your Online Brand Community Easier than Ever 

Vesta’s platform is designed to streamline and support your ongoing community management and moderation efforts. 

However, we understand that some teams are crunched for time as it is. That’s why we are also available to handle it all for your team. We are flexible and work with clients to structure community management and moderation packages that meet their budget, objectives, and resource needs. 

Vesta is here with you every step of the way to set up and manage your online brand community. Your audience is waiting.

Questions About Community Marketing? Vesta Can Help.

Vesta can help answer your questions about community marketing and get you on track for success. Our client success team has a wealth of experience in creating, managing, and moderating communities for brands. Contact us today with any questions or feedback that you have.

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