People love to talk and share about food (who hasn’t had to scroll through 5 pages of a gushing food blog to get to the recipe?)! That’s what makes food and beverage brands such a natural fit for an online brand community.

Offering consumers a “home” to dish on their favorite recipes, share recommendations, and learn about tasty new treats is the perfect recipe for building brand engagement, advocacy, and loyalty. And it’s why numerous food and beverage companies have partnered with Vesta for their online brand communities.

The ability to quickly capture insights and get feedback, from product concept to sampling, is another reason our food & beverage brands turn to Vesta.

Our team is always hungry for consumer insights too and wanted to know, what is the most important factor when choosing a new food and beverage product for your family? So we polled our community to find out.

Here’s what 2,400+ of them they had to say:

  • 38% said it was the ingredients list
  • 35% said that price was the most important factor
  • 14% said it was reviews/recommendations
  • 8% said it was whether or not the food/beverage is organic
  • 6% said it was the brand

Here are some of the ways that food & beverage brands can use this info in their marketing efforts:

With ingredients beating out price as the driving factor behind choosing a new product to purchase, we believe it’s important that brands highlight ingredients in their launch and product promotions.

Our poll also highlighted that reviews and recommendations play a greater role than the brand name in decision-making. This presents an exciting opportunity for new and challenger brands in particular who can focus on driving WOM and retail reviews to help build interest in their new offerings.

Imagine what your brand could do with the ability to leverage zero-party data and first-party data using community polls and surveys? Everything from gathering feedback on current products and figuring out fan favorites to creating an entirely new product based on the wants of your community.

With Vesta’s insights capabilities, you can bring your brand to the next level. Your audience is waiting.

Questions About Community Marketing? Vesta Can Help.

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