Consumers demand experiences that speak to their deepest emotions and true feelings. Yet we all know that data is drying up and trends are moving faster then ever. How can you stay on top of key decision-making factors that traditional research measures might miss?

Discover Vesta’s New Applied Consumer Neuroscience Tools

We are thrilled to announce our innovative new emotional and psychological research techniques. In partnership with HCD research, Vesta’s Online Brand Community software now offers an Applied Consumer Neuroscience suite of tools to help marketers capture non-conscious feelings and deliver deeper consumer intelligence.

Vesta's New Applied Consumer Neuroscience Suite of Tools

Now available as a stand alone study or utilizing your own brand community, adding these neuroscientific methods to Vesta’s qualitative and quantitative research tools enables marketers to:

  • Unlock your online brand community’s capacity as an always-on consumer panel and first-party data engine to reach dramatic new levels of predictive insights, unparalleled agility, and clarity.
  • Utilize neuroscience tools that will add critical visibility into the behaviors that drive market success – including Online Eye Tracking, Facial Coding, Implicit Association, MaxImplicit, and Self-Assessment Manikin.
  • Ensure superior products, experiences, packaging, and creative by tapping into your consumer’s deepest emotions and true feelings.
  • Gain meaningful validation before investment by unmasking intuitive responses to new products, packaging, and creative concepts

Learn more about Vesta’s comprehensive suite of insight tools to help you stop wasting research dollars and make better decisions for your brand faster. We predict you’ll like what you see.

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Looking to uncover deeper insights from your brand community? Check out our innovative new suite of Applied Consumer Neuroscience tools.

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