One of the things that our clients find most powerful about Vesta’s online brand community platform is its ability to act as an always-on consumer panel, providing continuous insights into consumers’ needs, preferences, and feelings. This valuable zero-party and first-party data can be collected in numerous ways in the Vesta platform. One of the easiest (and most fun!) ways is through polls.

With polls, you can engage your community members, gather information on their interests to spark new content ideas and activities and leverage data to segment and provide personalized content.

We’ve been talking with pet companies about the power of the platform to help build relationships with new pet owners, which has grown upwards of 30-40% during the pandemic. So we ran a poll in our own Smiley360 community of 1.2MM+ members to see how they were feeling about their new “fur babies”. And frankly, we love pets – there’s a lot of #teamdog and #teamcat members on the Vesta staff – so we wanted to see how all of the #covidcrazy adoptions were going!

Here are the results of our poll:

  • 31% said it was the best part of last year
  • 30% said they were happy to have a new family member
  • 12% said it was an adjustment, but a good decision
  • 7% said it was harder than expected
  • 20% said they had no idea what they were thinking

Over a quarter of respondents mentioned that they’re having trouble adjusting to a new pet. That’s not very surprising. And a brand can show it’s there for these consumers within a community by hosting discussions where experts – and fellow pet owners – can share advice on how to adjust to pet ownership. It can also invite members to virtual training events, offer product discounts, and run surveys to identify areas of struggle and then follow-up with highly personalized advice and assistance. These are the types of brand actions a community can help you execute easily at scale that build lasting loyalty.

Thankfully, the majority (61%) of pet owners are happy with the new addition to their family. This offers different opportunities for brands to engage and help consumers celebrate their new furry family members. Think brand advocacy campaigns to create and share user-generated content featuring their pets, group discussions about pet challenges and the joys of pet ownership, exclusive offers and discounts, and more fun polls. Talk about feeling known by a brand.

What could your brand do with all of this first-party data and consumer information? How would your team benefit from the ability to react and engage with 20+ engagement tools within an all-in-one platform?

At Vesta, we’re a curious group, and we know you are too. So stay tuned for more posts in our series of community polls.

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