Vesta has tapped our direct access to millions of consumers to gather real-time sentiment in this fast-moving crisis. The below highlights reflect the first wave of an evolving data project dedicated to helping the marketing community make time-sensitive decisions with the most immediate information available.

Nearly 6 in 10 consumers (58%) say the COVID-19 situation has impacted their view of brands, according to the first installment of our recent COVID-19 Brand Sentiment Navigator Report. With constant change and uncertainty growing by the day, it’s been challenging for consumers and marketers alike to figure out “the new normal.” By now consumers have received the deluge of company emails giving their responses to the crisis. Millions are experiencing new ways of working and connecting with friends and family. Consumers are using digital channels more than ever before. Our shopping habits are twisted and we’re discovering new brands at the grocery store when our normal go-to products are out of stock.

“This is a critical time for brands to imprint themselves in consumers’ minds that will ensure staying power through the crisis and beyond,” says Susan Frech, CEO, Vesta. “This survey suggests now is the time for brands to show, not tell, how much they live out their brand promise and values.”

View our full infographic below or by following this link to learn what marketers can do to build lasting relationships.

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