Vesta was recently selected as a Top 10 Personalized Marketing Solution Provider by MarTech Outlook Magazine. This article recognizing Vesta’s Personalized Marketing platform originally appeared in MarTech Outlook here

The marketing landscape is undergoing a paradigm shift. While content used to be “king,” today it is experience that takes the crown. As the pandemic accelerates consumers’ adoption of online channels, brands must deliver unique digital experiences that are personalized and relevant. But building the connections and two-way dialogue that allow brands to capture the data that reveals consumers’ lifestyle, preferences, and values requires rethinking the tools of the past. CRMs and email marketing are one-way channels, and brands that build connections on social media give up ownership of their relationships and data to those platforms. Marketers are turning to online brand communities to create a digital home for their audiences where they can gather and harness owned data to deliver a highly experiential and personalized brand experience.

“Everyone has an audience, but it is loosely connected. Vesta’s community-building platform allows marketers to seamlessly and easily bring all of their audiences together and build engagement, advocacy and loyalty by delivering personalized experiences in a way that is smart, effective, and scalable,” explains Susan Frech, CEO of Vesta.

Vesta is the leading engagement and loyalty software company that helps marketers build and manage online brand communities. The company’s intuitive SaaS platform captures zero-party consumer data to deliver personalized experiences at scale, transforming consumers into brand advocates and delivering lasting loyalty. The proprietary software powers Vesta’s three marketing solutions: Vesta Communities, Vesta Peer Influencers, and Vesta Insights.

Vesta empowers marketers to collect the full “depth and breadth” of actionable data and feedback from consumers and discover insights to make business decisions fast. Based on responses to customer surveys and feedback, the platform’s progressive profiles allow marketers to segment community members to deliver highly personalized communication and experiences. Vesta’s ability to capture valuable first-party data and zero-party data and to drive product innovation and deliver competitive intel through surveys, provides a critical competitive edge to its clients.

“Consumers are looking for increased personalization. If a consumer doesn’t have kids, and a brand keeps pushing content for parents, it can harm the connection to the brand,” Frech explains. “Our platform captures member feedback and uses it to create highly targeted content. The more members interact on the platform, the more marketers can personalize the user experience.”

The feature-loaded Vesta online community software allows marketers to offer more than 30 engaging experiences to their consumers, targeting discussion forums, conducting surveys and polls, executing product sampling, driving ratings and reviews, inspiring authentic brand advocacy, and creating interactive activities that drive B2C e-commerce. The platform integrates across the entire MarTech stack. Including CRMs, social listening and analytics, email and retail reviews. These integration capabilities help marketers connect their efforts to drive omnichannel personalization.

While talking about how Vesta has helped hundreds of brands engage and activate millions of consumers, Susan highlighted one of the platform’s clients, Veggies Made Great. Veggies Made Great recognized the power of brand communities and wanted to create their own online community. But without the right tools and the expertise, they were struggling to effectively manage community operations and maximize its potential for social advocacy, shopper marketing, and driving foot traffic. Through Vesta’s platform, Veggies Made Great created an online community of their fans—”Veg Heads”—to connect with like-minded consumers and the brand. This has enabled them to collect zero-party data to deliver personalized engagement, ensure new product launch success, and support their expanding retail distribution. For their community’s “Plant a Coupon” campaign, members were encouraged to stick coupons on Veggies Made Great products at their local grocery stores and talk to interested customers in person and online. In return, they were given coupons for products they already love. The involvement not only created an opportunity for members to interact, but it also created new fans of the product. As a result, the online community has helped Veggies Made Great drive a 20% increase in sales since its launch.

Vesta’s technology is purpose-built and the team continues to evolve its functionality as new trends emerge, recently adding new communication channels and capabilities to the platform including TikTok sharing, SMS notifications, and Member to Member chat and video chats. Enhancements to integrate with loyalty and rewards programs, and to open its API to expand its integration capabilities are in the works. Enabling marketers to connect all of their data will provide them with the ability to personalize across channels, uncover predictive insights, and drive lasting emotional loyalty that will help future proof their business for whatever comes next.

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