The following article was originally published in Adweek here

The novel coronavirus pandemic has ravaged many retailers in the U.S., leaving some legacy organizations announcing bankruptcies and others reeling from layoffs.

However, some consumers are starting to feel as though we’re coming out on the other end of the pandemic as states across the U.S. slowly start to lift lockdown orders and allow businesses to reopen in phases. While many would be more comfortable staying at home and continuing to place most of their orders online, there are factions of each generation that are ready to start loosening their own personal restrictions for certain must-have items. According to a Brand Sentiment Navigator survey conducted by Vesta of 5,669 participants, Gen Zers intend to shop in-store for personal care/beauty care (71%), clothing (71%) and entertainment (33%) items, while millennials (28%) are more focused on prioritizing baby products, highlighting a sharp distinction between the two generations.

Half of those surveyed are going to wait at home within the first two weeks of nonessential businesses reopening before they take up their errands again, with Gen Z showing more of an eagerness to get back into a regular shopping routine. But over a quarter of people (27%) feel it’s still too early to tell what is going to happen as businesses reopen, and 37% are worried about a resurgence of the virus if businesses proceed too lightly.