We are in the midst of a period of profound shifts in consumer attitudes, opinions, and buying behavior.

Disrupted lives and supply chains have ushered in an era of brand trial and changeable loyalties. Marketers have been forced to move quickly and pivot dramatically to maintain presence and relevance. And increasing net promoter scores and peer-to-peer engagement have emerged as core critical initiatives to prevent brand equity loss.

Now is a critical time for brands to build loyalty between transactions and to invest in building robust virtual connections. Enter the rise of Brand Communities.

In this webinar, Vesta shares the key ways to build a community around your brand and explores the growing importance of brand communities in the midst of the pandemic, supported by research from our ongoing COVID-19 Brand Sentiment Navigator.

Key Takeaways:

  • What a brand community marketing strategy looks like and the key ingredients for success
  • How to maintain brand equity and create connected digital experiences
  • How consumer behavior is changing and the lessons from COVID-19 that will leave a lasting impact on brand loyalty

Interested in more?

Discover how online brand communities can become your marketing superpower with our Community Marketing 101 eBook.
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