Each one of your customers is a human being, and as such, they tend to make decisions based more on emotion than logic.

In fact, it’s estimated that 90% of decisions are based on emotion, with the remaining 10% coming from the practical and logical side. Despite this, many brands continue to focus on that 10% in their marketing efforts, which often limits the impact they can have on their audiences.

In this episode of Community Powered Marketing, Sue chats with Anne Candido, fellow podcaster and Co-Founder of Forthright People.

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You’ll hear why “branding” is, in reality, a business philosophy that leads to growth and why it’s a vital concept for businesses to embrace.

You’ll learn why so many brands fail to consider the 90% of decisions that are fueled by emotion.

You’ll discover the value of using testing and learning to gauge reactions, make changes, and develop an ROI that you can reasonably predict and then scale.

You’ll also learn how large brands are looking to the entrepreneurial world to make much-needed shifts in their culture.

Join Sue and Anne as they explore the power of “brand” as a noun rather than a verb, and why businesses must learn how to shift from a transactional mindset to a relational one.



Anne Candido, Co-Founder, Forthright People

Anne grew up at P&G over the span of 20 years, spending her first decade in R&D and Product Development and her second in Brand Marketing and Communications. Through this, Anne learned the imperative role brand building plays to cultivate successful individuals and businesses. Today she brings this expertise to Forthright People to help brands reach their brand-love potential. 

Host: Sue Frech, Founder and CEO, Vesta

Sue has spent her career redefining digital marketing in brand and retail marketing, Martech, and advertising, at brands such as Kraft and Glaxo-SmithKline. She is committed to creating fellow Happy Marketers through Vesta’s all-in-one online community building software, transforming the relationships between brands and consumers with Community Powered Marketing.