Bravery is turning toward conflict and working to change the conversation. That’s what CEO Lindsay Stein and nonprofit Today, I’m Brave are doing with their newly launched “Empathy Masks” initiative. Designed with an “I care about you” message, and benefitting children and the homeless, these empathy masks have the power to change the conversation and sentiment around masks. Lindsay shared more about this initiative, her new role, and this week’s theme of “Bravery” on this episode of Happy Marketer Connection

Lindsay Stein, Today, I'm Brave

On this week’s episode, host Sue Frech flips the tables on Lindsay, who interviewed Sue in the past in her role as Editor in Chief of CampaignUS, to learn more about Lindsay’s pivot from journalism to a nonprofit. Hear how to market a nonprofit, determine your core mission, develop strategic partnerships, and what it means to be brave.

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Lindsay Stein, Today, I'm Brave
Lindsay Stein, CEO, Today, I’m Brave

Lindsay is the CEO of Today I’m Brave, a global nonprofit organization with a mission to unlock bravery in the youth of today, so they can take on the biggest challenges of tomorrow. Lindsay’s years of experience as a reporter, connector and storyteller make her a strong leader and passionate advocate for social causes.

Host: Sue Frech, Founder and CEO, Vesta

Sue has spent her career redefining digital marketing in brand and retail marketing, Martech, and advertising, at brands such as Kraft and Glaxo-SmithKline. She is committed to creating fellow Happy Marketers through Vesta’s all-in-one online community building software, transforming the relationships between brands and consumers with Community Powered Marketing.