🅴 Note: This week’s episode contains explicit language.

It takes the same amount of effort to create great work as sh#*%%y work. How to make sure that what you’re producing is good? A lot of it comes down to the relationship between the brand and the agency. And like any good relationship, that takes honesty, transparency, trust, and good communication.

Marketing Consultant Jessica Lauria knows that better than most. She is experienced on the brand- and agency-side and has produced game-changing work for brands like S’well, Chobani, Dasani, Chipotle, Mondelez, Sephora and more. On this episode of Happy Marketer Connection podcast, she shares how to ensure that special magic in the agency-brand relationship that will elevate your work and deliver winning ideas.

Jessica Lauria, VP, Brand at S'well

Hear how to build strong relationships with your agency partners, how the client-agency dynamic has changed, what to look for in a marketing agency, how to give helpful feedback, and Jessica’s lessons from both client-side and agency-side.

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Jessica Lauria, VP, Brand at S'well
Jessica Lauria, Marketing Consultant

Jessica is a dynamic and creative global marketing leader with 20+ year experience building brands on both the agency and client side. She is driven to make work that actually makes a difference – for business, for people and for culture, and has done so for some of the world’s largest brands. 

Host: Sue Frech, Founder and CEO, Vesta

Sue has spent her career redefining digital marketing in brand and retail marketing, Martech, and advertising, at brands such as Kraft and Glaxo-SmithKline. She is committed to creating fellow Happy Marketers through Vesta’s all-in-one online community building software, transforming the relationships between brands and consumers with Community Powered Marketing.