What traits do you think are important to be a good salesperson? Chances are passion, patience and persistence would make the shortlist. And that’s why it was the natural theme for Julie Levi’s episode of the Happy Marketer Connection podcast. Because Julie, the President of Progressive Promotions, is a consummate salesperson. She’s been hustling since her early teens, and has an innate entrepreneurial zeal to build and grow business through sales. If you’re thinking about starting your own company and need to build revenue, this is THE episode to listen to.

Happy Marketer Connection Episode 22
Julie Levi, President, Progressive Promotions
Theme “Passion, Patience & Persistence”

Julie Levi of Progressive Promotions

Hear from Julie what it takes to succeed as a salesperson and entrepreneur, what true persistence looks like and why it’s worth it, the ways sales has changed over the years, how to hire and support your business development team, and the sales lessons Julie’s family shares with each generation. And learn about how her business pivot helped ensure that we didn’t run out of Oreos during the pandemic.

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Episode Highlights

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