In this week’s podcast,  Happy Marketer Connection moderator, Sue Frech, welcomes fellow passionate enthusiast, Alex Colkitt, to discuss “Engagement”. Alex is the Content and Community Strategist at Sir Kensington’s, makers of delicious condiments that “defend the dignity of food.” The brand’s mission is to reimagine ordinary and overlooked food with fearless integrity and charm. It’s also an apt description of Alex and her efforts to find authentic new ways to connect with consumers with true and meaningful purpose and infectious energy and charm. 

Happy Marketer Connection Episode 8
Alex Colkitt, Content and Community Strategist, Sir Kensington’s
Theme “Engagement”

Alex Colkitt, Content and Community Strategist, Sir Kensington's

In this episode, hear why Alex believes quality engagement is more important than your brand’s quantity of impressions, how to engage with your customers and partners, why Sir Kensington’s “secret ingredient” is people, the erosion of trust and authenticity in social media, and her favorite examples of brands winning with engagement. Alex also shares how adding value to consumers’ lives and building a lifestyle through initiatives like a brand community helps create lasting relationships that are invaluable to your business success.

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