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Spark Brand Advocacy and User-Generated Content with Vesta’s Community Platform

Let your brand’s biggest fans tell your story for you.

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Inspire Advocacy That Ignites Brand Growth

4 - 10 x

More Social Advocacy

+ 25 %

Increase in Purchase Intent

+ 20 %

Increase in Quality Retail Reviews

+ 65 %

Average Purchase Conversion

Vesta is an Advocacy and User-Generated Content Powerhouse

Powerful Technology

Enable Seamless Social Sharing with Vesta’s Unique Capabilities

Empower your audience to amplify advocacy across social channels with a click of a button. Vesta’s Single-Click Sharing™ technology powers 4-10x more social advocacy.

Brand Awareness

Expand Brand Reach, Establish Social Proof, and Streamline Acquisition

Drive business impact and increase conversions with activities that inspire organic endorsements of your brand. Get the word out about your brand to new and targeted audiences. 

On-Demand UGC

Enrich Your Content Library

Gain constant access to new, relevant, and high-quality user-generated content that you own and can repurpose to maximize business impact. 

Consumer Relationship

Foster Deep Emotional Loyalty

Harness Vesta’s advanced suite of engagement tools to build real, personalized relationships that inspire authentic advocacy and lasting loyalty. 


What Our Clients Say…

“We have a community where we can talk to people all the time and we want them to spread their love for ARM & HAMMER Cat Litter. We can actually disrupt the environment and disrupt our competitors. We have these loyalists that we want to get the message out and to speak on our behalf, and in a more organic way than a brand trying to be the voice. To let our consumers do that for us.”

Shonda Brown
Former Senior Associate, Brand Manager, ARM & HAMMER Cat Litter

“We’re really leveraging this consumer base to also share the word about our product. So whether it be going into stores and snapping a selfie and tagging Clio and the retailer, or having them write reviews for us so that we’re driving this communication about what the experience is like with Clio

Clio Logo

Rachel Moore
Chief Marketing Officer, Clio Snacks

See How Veggies Made Great Generated a 92,000+ Social Reach With Their Vesta Community

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See How a Community Can Drive Authentic Advocacy For Your Brand

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