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Boost Your Loyalty and Rewards Program with the Vesta Community Platform

Reward brand engagement between purchases to deliver lasting emotional loyalty.

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Online Communities Reward Brands With Emotional Loyalty

+ 70 %

Increase in Consumer Satisfaction After Joining Brand Community

65 %

Average Purchase Conversion

4 - 10 X

More Social Advocacy

+ 63 %

Increase in Net Promoter Score

How Vesta Activates Lasting Loyalty


Offer Entertaining Ways to Earn Rewards 

Enhance your loyalty efforts by offering fun and interactive opportunities for members to advocate, engage, and share with your brand to earn rewards between purchases.


Tap Into Your Most Devoted Consumers

Utilize our sophisticated in-platform survey tools to discover key insights from your most valuable consumers. Reveal the drivers that can transform more customers into brand Evangelists.


Spread the Brand Love

Activate your most committed consumers to tell your story and amplify their praises with Vesta’s Single-Click SharingTM tool, enabling advocates to seamlessly share UGC, recommendations, and reviews to key social channels.


Create True Brand Engagement

Deliver a highly personalized and meaningful brand experience outside of the sales cycle. Build loyalty that transcends transactions and boosts customer lifetime value.


Deliver a Seamless Omnichannel Experience

Enhance your customer journey. Reward engagement across platforms with a turnkey connection between your Rewards Program and Community enhances your customer journey.

No Program? No Problem.

You can launch and manage a Loyalty and Rewards program within your Vesta online brand community. Our Community Perks programs enable you to spark action, reward engagement, and build lasting consumer relationships.

Check out our exclusive research into the incentives that accelerate brand community building in this eBook.

What Our Clients Say…

“Loyalty programs that existed out there like purchase and earn some kind of discount code for the next one and whatnot weren’t working for us because we didn’t want to drive the volume there. We wanted to drive consumers to store.  We wanted to drive them to share content from other parts of their lives and so we felt like we needed to find a platform to help us build that loyalty. But build that loyalty outside of purchase behavior.”

Rachel Moore
Chief Marketing Officer, Clio Snacks

“What Vesta and this community gave us the opportunity to do is tap into this super valuable subset of our diners and learn from them how we can turn other diners into brand loyalists and just get everyone on their level. Our dream is to have everyone be as engaged as our Tastemakers (community members). And just opening that feedback loop for them has been instrumental in informing strategy and making optimizations”

Amanda Allbee
Sr. Marketing Associate, Grubhub

See How the ARM & HAMMER™ Cat Litter Community Members Rewarded the Brand With Lasting Loyalty.


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See How Community Can Deliver Lasting Loyalty For Your Brand

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