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Ensure Successful New Product Launches with Vesta’s Community Platform

Guarantee the success of go-to-market strategies and spark immediate sales impact.

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Launch Your Product and Brand Toward These Results

+ 20 %

Lift in Ratings & Reviews

4 - 10 X

More Social Advocacy

+ 48 %

Lift in NPS in First 100 Days

73 %

Conversion of Non-Purchasers

3 - 5 X

Lift in Traffic to Brand Website

How Vesta Elevates New Product Launches 

Inspire Advocacy

Establish Social Proof Before Your Product Hits the Market

Transform your most trusted consumers into an army of advocates, promoting your new product launches before they even hit the shelves. Easily execute sampling campaigns and syndicate UGC and reviews to key retail sites.  

Spark sales growth

Integrate Ecommerce Into the Community Experience

Drive immediate sales of new products. Extend promotions, activate members to share offers, and expedite conversion with direct access to your ecommerce channels to instantly add products to their cart. 

Zero- and First-party data

Brand and Market Research at your Fingertips

Access an always-on consumer insights panel that allows you to keep your pulse on your consumers and your market. Gain critical competitive intelligence on product feedback and crowdsource ideas to drive product launch decisions. 

Validate investments

Optimize Creative Concepts and Accelerate Product Launch

Unmask intuitive responses to messaging, imagery, and packaging through neuroscientific tools like facial coding and eye tracking to enhance creative effectiveness and get your product on the market quicker.

Consumer RElationship

Build Long-Term Loyalty

Deliver consistent highly-personalized experiences with engaging brand activities that build excitement around your brand and grow anticipation for your new product launches.

What Our Clients Say…

“Fergon Iron Restore was completely developed with the help of the community. They helped us name the product and then sample it and gave us reviews. That whole thing happened within the community.

Michele Muhammad, DSE Healthcare

Michele Muhammad
CMO, DSE Healthcare Solutions

See How DSE Healthcare Drives New Product Innovations with its Vesta Community

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Want to test drive community powered marketing? 

Tap into Vesta’s Smiley360 community of 1.1MM+ qualified peer influencers to drive the advocacy and insights that ensure product launch success.

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We’ve Got the Playbook to Make Community Building Easy

Our library of resources will arm your team with all the tools you need to achieve a thriving and impactful online brand community.

See How a Community Can Power Successful New Product Launches For Your Brand

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