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Vesta is an Owned Data Engine

Create an engaging home to capture and harness the consumer data you need to power greater insights, engagement, and loyalty.

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Are you ready for a cookieless world?

A sustainable zero party and first party data strategy is mission critical for brands today.

First-party data collection is more crucial than ever”

– Forbes

“Marketers are rushing to collect their own information on consumers, seeking to build millions of detailed customer profiles.”

– Wall Street Journal

“The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil,

but data.

– The Economist

Vesta Offers A Complete Data Strategy

Owned Channel

Stop Losing Control From Third-Party Channels

You’ve seen that you can’t rely on Facebook, Apple, or Google. Vesta’s community platform gives you always-on access to your consumer data to elevate brand engagement.

Brand Resilience

Connections That Deliver Future Readiness

Owned data empowers your brand with the insights you need. Don’t be left behind when trends change.

personalized engagement

Dynamic Personalization Tailored for Each Consumer

With ongoing data collection, your consumer’s brand experience constantly evolves to best meet their needs. Let go of one-way email pushes and deliver engaging, personalized experiences that create brand love.



Data to Power All Your Marketing Efforts 

Leverage robust, proactively shared zero party data to optimize all of your initiatives. Vesta’s CRM API integrations enable seamless sharing to create a single customer view across channels.

What Our Clients Say…

“Another major goal was to create an open feedback loop with our diners. I mentioned previously, our advocates have been so incredible about providing feedback to us. And not just feedback, but actual constructive, thoughtful feedback that we’ve used to inform strategy and make decisions as a brand

Amanda Allbee
Sr. Marketing Associate, Grubhub

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See How a Community Can Be Your Data Goldmine

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