Today, we are thrilled to announce the next evolution of our company. Social Media Link is now Vesta. The launch of Vesta is a culmination of 10+ years of market leadership in Community Powered Marketing and data-driven personalized engagement.

We started this business with the goal of making modern marketing more meaningful and purposeful, and while we have a new name and look, we’re still energized by the same mission and remarkable people.

As a pioneer in helping brands power online communities that turn real consumers into brand evangelists, Vesta represents the future of marketing and the future of our company.

It’s Time to Embrace Engaging and Connecting With Your Audience in a New Way.

Why Vesta? You might be familiar with our Vesta Community offering, our signature and most buzzed-about solution. We believe Community Powered Marketing is the way forward for marketers and we’re going all in.

It’s time to embrace engaging and connecting with your audience in a new way and Vesta is our way of providing a clear direction in the next evolution of the company. Vesta derives from the Latin word meaning “to stay, dwell.” Now is the time for you to build a home that powers a world of engagement and connection.

Brands That Create Meaningful Relationships Will Flourish During Good Times and Stay Resilient in These Tougher Times.

We are entering a new era that requires rethinking tools of the past. Now more than ever, people are craving connection. Transactional loyalty, database deserts, and gated social networks are so the 2010s. Start the new decade with emotional loyalty through Community Powered Marketing.

What Else?

Vesta offers a suite of marketing solutions, still powered by our proprietary software platform and robust integrations, including:

Vesta Communities – our purpose-built solution that mobilizes brand supporters and creates a highly experiential digital destination to deliver personalized and connected experiences that take loyalty to a new level. Learn more here Vesta Communities or view our latest case studies here.

Vesta Peer influencers, powered by the Smiley360 Network – Authenticity is essential for trust, and word-of-mouth is key to driving acquisition. We deliver a network of more than a million peer influencers to generate high-quality product reviews and consumer advocacy. Learn more here or view our latest case studies here.

Vesta Insights (formerly Sightpoint) – A straight-forward customer intelligence solution to help you cost-effectively navigate decisions in a world of rapid change. Stop wasted research dollars and make better decisions for your brand faster. Learn more here.

We are so excited to launch our new name, new look and a new website. Now is the time for you to build a home that powers a world of engagement and connection. Contact us today to request a demo of our solutions.

Interested in more?

Check out our podcast, hosted by CEO Susan French, to discover the power of online brand communities in revolutionizing your brand.

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