Starting to plan for New Year '23? Lower CPAs and increase retention through Community Powered Marketing

We know the new year is your Superbowl for achieving sales velocity. Are you challenged with keeping customer acquisition costs down? Or how about finding effective ways to drive customer retention after resolution season is over? Is your eCommerce site starting to look exactly like everyone else’s? We’re here to help.

Here’s what she says…

“We’re really leveraging this consumer base to also share the word about our product. So whether it be going into stores and snapping a selfie and tagging Clio and the retailer, or having them write reviews for us so that we’re driving this communication about what the experience is like with Clio

Rachel Moore
Chief Marketing Officer, Clio Snacks

Our brand partners have achieved healthy results such as…

+ 20 %

Lift in Sales

+ 48 %

Lift in Net Promoter Score in the First 100 Days

+ 22 %

Lift in Brand Loyalty

13 X

Higher Customer Lifetime Value Than Average Customers

73 %

Conversion from Non-purchasers in the First Year

You’re planning for the most important campaign of the year. Here’s how Vesta can make sure you hit your new year goals…

Drive In-Store Retail Traffic and Online Retail Reviews

Whether you’re looking to generate eCommerce sales or boost velocity at retail locations, Vesta’s online community building platform mobilizes consumers based on shopping and retail preferences and cultivates an always-on pipeline of ratings and reviews.

View the Clio Snacks Case Study

Bring Down Cost-Per-Acquisition With Authentic Advocacy

Word-of-mouth is the most effective form of advertising. With Vesta, you can activate targeted brand advocates to spark authentic word-of-mouth advocacy and user-generated content that will supercharge conversion and drive down acquisition costs.

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Boost Retention Rates After Resolution Season

When new year enthusiasm wanes, will you still be around? Build a long-term relationship to keep customers engaged after purchase. Increase your customer lifetime value and achieve emotional loyalty through personalized engagement powered by zero-party data and values-based community connection.

View Culturelle Case Study

Differentiate Your Ecommerce Experience to Stand Out

A recent study found that many consumers can’t tell one eCommerce site from the other, and 64% of consumers say few websites are unique or have unexpected functionality.

In a sea of sameness, Vesta’s simple, customizable and integrated community destination helps you differentiate your brand with a vibrant home of lifestyle conversation and personalized engagement.

View Sambucol Case Study

Ensure Successful New Product Launches

Guarantee the success of go-to-market strategies in 2023 and spark immediate sales impact. Establish social proof before your product hits the market, access brand and market data at your fingertips, and optimize creative concepts to accelerate sales velocity.

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