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Welcome to Community Powered Marketing

Welcome Brand Marketers

We’re so glad you’re here. And you will be too.

We’ve helped hundreds of brands overcome their engagement, advocacy, and loyalty challenges through Community Powered Marketing.

To do that, we needed the right tool.

We searched but couldn’t find a platform that would make it easy to identify, engage, and mobilize consumers to create lasting loyalty, authentic advocacy, and predictive insights at scale.

So we built the platform we needed. An all-in-one online community building software for brands. And we developed our methodology. A proven process to create a thriving community with immediate impact and lasting business value.

With Vesta, you can unlock the power of Community Powered Marketing to drive consumer acquisition, CX, and predictive insights.

Your audience is waiting.

Our Vision

At Vesta, we want to elevate modern marketing by reimagining the connections between businesses and their audiences to inspire innovation and create lasting success.

Our Mission

To pioneer Community Powered Marketing, delivering software that enables businesses to build trusted consumer relationships driven by personalized engagement. We’re on a mission to create technology that empowers marketers to elevate their digital presence, make better decisions with predictive insights, and transform audiences into lasting brand advocates.

What We Do

Vesta (formerly Social Media Link) is the leading community marketing technology company. For more than a decade we have brought brands to life for their consumers and audiences with our customizable software. We’re not an agency and we’re not a website builder. We’re an all-in-one platform to launch, manage, and grow your online brand community. 

The Vesta Difference

Owned Channel

Reduce your reliance on third-party channels. Own the power of your direct consumer relationships again.

All-in-One Platform

We make community-building simple, with 30+ activations for immediate impact. Single platform ease with multi-platform power.

Actionable Data

Rich, zero- and first-party data empowers marketers to deliver personalized brand experiences that inspire lasting loyalty.

Proven Expertise

For more than a decade, we have been developing a winning formula of insights, activations, and advocacy that is an acquisition and retention game-changer.

Our Core Values

Measurable Impact

We believe in outcomes, not outputs. We are single-minded in ensuring our clients achieve all of the powerful insights and bottom-line growth that is possible with our tools.

Measurable Impact

Serious Value

Our communities are grounded in the concept that brands must provide value to build value and generate brand loyalty. Every day we strive to build the same loyalty for our own product, providing meticulous service, deep expertise, and innovative technology to our clients.

Meaningful Connections

We believe in our increasingly siloed and divisive world, people are longing for connection. Our passion is engaging consumers with brands and with one another, making the digital world a more welcoming and meaningful space.

Trusted Stewards of Data

Collaborative Innovation

We are committed to challenging the status quo through collaborative innovation. We know listening and then daring to experiment are the keys to creating the tools you need for discovery and growth.

Trusted Stewards

The gathering of consumer data confers a great responsibility as well as an opportunity. We are dedicated to helping our clients realize the benefits of data in creating better experiences for consumers, while vigilantly protecting their right to privacy and transparency.

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Susan Frech
Susan Frech

Co-Founder & CEO

Catherine Courtney
Catherine Courtney

VP, Marketing

Trisha Larocchia
Trisha Larocchia

VP, Customer Success

Christopher Chan
Christopher Chan

VP, Technology

Christoph Knudsen
Christoph Knudsen

VP, Insights

Stephanie Steup
Stephanie Steup

Account Director

Janine Baratta
Janine Baratta

General Manager, Operations and Finance

Peter Lee
Peter Lee

Business Advisor & Board Member

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