How DripDrop Generated Retail Awareness with Targeted Peer Influencers

With a mission to defeat dehydration at home and abroad, fast-growing hydration powder, DripDrop, aimed to spread wide awareness of its products to consumers at key retail locations.

Keep scrolling to see how DripDrop made a splash with these results in just 8 weeks.

+ 47 %

Increase in Likelihood to Purchase

+ 64 %

Increase in Brand Quality Perception

+ 1450 %

Increase in Share of Voice

5,900 +

UGC Generated

Hyper-Targeting Ideal Consumers

It’s critical for those who advocate for your brand to be an ideal representation of your target consumer. With Vesta’s personalized engagement technology, DripDrop mobilized 1,800 consumers identified as health enthusiasts, athletic, active parents, and hydration-aware.

An Engaging Brand Experience Sparked Authentic Reviews

Participating peer influencers were prompted to try DripDrop and share their experiences on social media and key retail websites.

Drove Conversion Among Audiences at Key Retailers

Armed with a special $2 off coupon, peer influencers drove their friends, followers, and readers to key retail websites to purchase DripDrop.

Here’s What DripDrop Has to Say…

“We activated the Smiley360 community to generate authentic reviews and recommendations across all social media channels to drive awareness of the launch of DripDrop a fast-acting, great tasting hydration powder. We were thrilled to see not only an abundance of content that drove an increase in online share of voice, but also an increase in sales at our key retail partner. The Smiley community and team delivered both advocacy and action for our brand, and we are highly pleased with the customer service, analytics and results.”

DripDrop Brand Manager