As marketers, we work hard to bring products and campaigns to life through creative, content, media, and of course, people. But in our rush to build our company’s brand, we may forget the importance of building our own personal brand. Enter Pia Marquez, a skilled marketer who knows how to apply her skills to ensure her own brand is positioned for success. In this episode of Happy Marketer Connection, Pia, who is the Digital Marketing Senior Manager at Del Monte, shares how to get started building the one brand that you’ll be promoting your whole life – your own!

Pia Marquez, Del Monte

Pia, a self-described “Full Stack Marketer,” understands the power of branding and marketing, and she knows how to harness that power to champion her career journey.  Hear why it’s important to develop your personal brand, the benefits of working for small and large companies, why marketers should take a page from designers by building their own websites, how to add skills at each stop of your career, cultivating mentors, and finding what you’re truly passionate about.

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Pia Marquez, Del Monte
Pia Marquez, Digital Marketing Senior Manager, Del Monte

Pia is an experienced marketer with a demonstrated history of success working in the consumer packaged goods, retail, and fashion for B2C (including DTC) and B2B markets. Through her varied experiences at both enterprise level companies and early-stage start-ups, she’s achieved success through living by the statement, “great work can be done with drive, but the best work can only be done with heart.”

Host: Sue Frech, Founder and CEO, Vesta

Sue has spent her career redefining digital marketing in brand and retail marketing, Martech, and advertising, at brands such as Kraft and Glaxo-SmithKline. She is committed to creating fellow Happy Marketers through Vesta’s all-in-one online community building software, transforming the relationships between brands and consumers with Community Powered Marketing.